ENABLE>SYSTEMS (E>S) is a modular cloud-based purpose-built system. Each module is designed with specific purposes in mind. Modules can operate independently or collaboratively in an integrated manner. E>S modules are either Essential Modules or Optional Modules & subject to different pricing.

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Core Essential & Optional Modules

ENABLE>SYSTEMS (E>S) incorporates essential & optional modules the incorporate core features integrated across modules. E>S Essential modules are required by each Tenant & represent minimum level of access. Optional Modules are designed with specific purposes front of mind & therefore are at the client’s (Tenant) discretion as to if they subscribe to use these modules.

E>S has been developed with an intuitive user interface (UI) is one of our development team’s key priorities & we leverage a responsive design that makes E>S effective across computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Mobility, flexibility & instant access to critical information improve staff understanding & productivity allowing them to do more.


  • Convenient single storage source for your business data, information, insights, files & documents available across all your work sites & selected staff
  • Improves speed & efficiency of locating information, documents, forms, etc


  • Enabling you to better manage your day-to-day people & HR related matters in supporting your compliance efforts with record management, confidentiality of information & related matters


  • A customisable Work Health & Safety (WHS) system to help you achieve WHS compliance, minimise & controlling risk as well as integrating important safety processes, documents, forms & templates within your workplace


  • Scheduling solution for rostering staff & timesheets without the headache. Includes geo-locating, reminders, etc. Integrates with ENABLE>STAFF+ ENABLE>PEOPLE & HR+


  • Action center is a centralised module where users can conveniently review, monitor & update Actions that span the other modules. Actions are also conveniently embedded within other modules to enhance usability


  • Comprehensive System Administration functions including controlling & monitoring users, picklists, system options, audit logging, document/email templates, notification rules & other system admin functions


  • Every business utilises a variety of different assets, equipment & resources. ENABLE>ASSETS allows business to manage their assets, depreciate, track warranties, monitor service/maintenance, check in/out, etc.


  • As your most valuable asset, enabling staff to do more is a key goal for businesses. ENABLE>STAFF/STAFF+ is an employee self-serve portal providing access to key information, schedules, clock on/off, forms, documents, etc.


  • Successfully managing contractors is an important function for many businesses. ENABLE>CONTRACTORS makes it easier for you to manage, monitor & work with contractors or suppliers


  • Specialist simplified practice management module for physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, etc. Includes patient/client management, clinic notes, invoicing, online forms, etc.


  • Effective document/file management is important in most businesses. While external sources can be used, files/documents can be truly embedded in your business by being attached to people, entities, events, actions, etc


  • Your important data & information captured in ES can be easily accessed via a series of reporting options including saved regular reports, exporting of data or creation of distribution lists among other options


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Our unique ability to combine our extensive technical expertise with commercial experience assists in ensuring IT strategy Strategies create an information technology capability for maximum, and sustainable value for an organisation.


Our system design process includes defining the architecture, modules, interfaces and data required for a system to satisfy specified client requirements. Systems design translates systems design theory to actual product development.


Systems development is the process we adopt in defining, designing, testing and implementing new software applications or programs. We often include the internal development of customised systems, the creation of data models, and database systems in defining successful project goals.


In implementing an effective cloud-based system, our process incorporates defining how the information system should be built, ensuring that the information system is operational and effectively used as well as meets quality standards.


Having the right people to contact when you need help is important. Our team takes pride in providing personalised and professional technical support to help ensure your company systems run smoothly. Hosting servers have 99.9% up-time helping you stay operational when you need.


Our consulting services provide expert advice, guidance, and solutions tailored to specific businesses seeking assistance with their software or IT-related needs. We leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience in software development, information technology, and industry best practices to help you achieve your goals.