Effective file & document management

ENABLE>FILES is a centralised module consolidating files & documents from across all E>S modules help you securely & efficiently manage your business. ENABLE>FILES provides cloud-based access to crucial files wherever you have internet access. Centralised repository for your files helps eliminate duplicates, different versions.

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Centralised file management

Effective document & file management is important in most businesses. While external sources can be used, when files & documents can be truly embedded in your business by being attached or linked to the important interactions, events, cases, workflows actions or the likes, it allowed a richer understanding along with ease of access.


With any IT system, it is important to be able to effectively & efficiently control use of the system to help ensure data security, monitor usage, customise settings or related matters. Many businesses have internal IT experts who are au fait with system administration (sysadmin) functions yet other businesses often will outsource these functions to given lack of specialist knowledge or expertise.

ENABLE>FILES is an essential ES module & a foundational feature that is interconnected with all other modules.

ENABLE>FILES allows users to:

  • Upload files & documents using drop & drag for:
    • Document templates – for use in the system
    • Documents – excel, word, PowerPoint, pdf, etc
    • Images – jpg, png, tiff, etc
    • Videos
    • Audio files
    • Email messages – using Chrome browser
    • All other file types
  • Attach/link files to:
    • People records
    • Entity (business) records
    • Interactions
    • Events
    • Actions
    • Cases
    • Workflows
  • Add keywords/tags to easily find & log
  • Preview files
  • Send to feature allowing quick & easy file sharing or notification

    Helping you

    Centralise storage files & documents

    Tag/keyword files for quick access & filtering

    Secure file access via Permissions

    Preview files


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