We believe ENABLE>SYSTEMS (E>S) is unique for a variety of different reasons, yet our Tenant-Subtenant Mode we believe is rather special. Our Tenant/Subtenant Mode is perfectly suited for a larger number of business/organisation models, including, yet not limited to; businesses with Head Office & satellite offices, franchise-franchisee business model, organisations with centralised shared services & branches, religious organisations, charities or many other options.

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Professional Documents Quick & Easy

When first designed, our goal was to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution capable of being implemented for any client. Like most other SaaS solutions, in our early years, we were faced with the challenges of how do we ensure the confidentiality & security of data & information for non-standard ENABLE>SYSTEM (E>S) implementations.

We created a powerful framework to successfully manage non-standard implementations which we believe makes E>S uniquely special.


All businesses & organisations utilise documents of all varieties. Typically these take time & effort as well as assumed knowledge acquired over years of experience completing such documents efficiently & accurately.

ENABLE>SYSTEMS (E>S) leverages a global leading Document Generation engine as the core of our Document Generation capabilities which helps ensure high-quality professional documents are produced by the click of a button.

Each document generated by E>S utilises or requires:

  1. Document Template – a document template is a Word or Open Document format that contains the structure & formatting of required to produce the end document
  2. Document Placeholders – in short, these are E>S generated fields that reflect data or information stored within E>S. Placeholders can be dates, text, lists, HTML, images/photos, etc
  3. Contextual Placeholders – injected on the fly
  4. Output Format – typically word, ODT or dpf

Although there is effort required to set up the original Document Template, once completed each subsequent document produced is done so quickly & easily via the press of a button.


E>S Document Generation benefits can include:

  1. Speed – E>S document generation will ensure you get documents completed faster!
  2. Productivity Improvements – linked to speed, time to produce documents from E>S will in the majority of situations reduce materially. A client’s staff members previously took approx 30 minutes to manually produce each Service Proposal. The end-to-end E>S generated document now takes less than a minute!
  3. Consistency & Standardisation – E>S document generation ensures each document adheres to your standards
  4. Quality – linked to consistency, each E>S generated document will reflect the quality of your source Document template making sure there are no inconsistencies created due to unfamiliarity of new staff, missing fonts, different versions of software or the likes
  5. Reduced Errors – linked to quality, the document generate will reduce the probability of errors within each document. Of course, E>S can’t eliminate human error, yet our document generation process will reduce errors
  6. Security – greater security in controlling the use of confidential source documents & eliminating Intellectual Property theft by staff or others
  7. User Experience – both those creating & those receiving E>S generate documents will benefit 



Document Generation Examples

Our Document Generation capabilities is diverse limited by your imagaine & the ability to capture data within E>S. Some examples include, yet not limited to, the following: 

Sales Documents

  • Service Proposal
  • Service Renewals
  • Tender responses
  • Reports
  • etc

Marketing Documents

  • Company Brochures
  • Capability Statements
  • Products & Services Information
  • Feedback
  • etc

HR Documents

  • Employment Contracts
  • Letters – Letters of offer, Performance Management, Remuneration Reviews, etc
  • etc

Operational Documents


  • Policies & Procedures – HR, WHS, etc
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Feedback & complaints
  • Reports
  • etc

Financial & Legal Documents

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s)
  • Tax Invoices
  • Remittances / Payment Advice
  • Letters of Demand
  • etc


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Systems development is the process we adopt in defining, designing, testing and implementing new software applications or programs. We often include the internal development of customised systems, the creation of data models, and database systems in defining successful project goals.


In implementing an effective cloud-based system, our process incorporates defining how the information system should be built, ensuring that the information system is operational and effectively used as well as meets quality standards.


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